Newquay Golf Club #Cornwallpipe Part 1

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Newquay Golf Club #Cornwallpipe Part 1. This is day one of a two day event starting at Newquay golf club Cornwall. Featuring Mark Crossfield, AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza, James pIckard and Kevin Harper on day one and Coach Lockey on day two. Watch the guys play this stunning golf course next to the ocean and see who can will this huge golf match.

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  1. I am playing a major at my club today teeing off at in 4 hours and between now and then I am just going to be singing "SHANKY SHANKY SHANK"

  2. Is Mark's full name Marcus!?!?MIND BLOWN

    Love the videos gents. Watch them all the time. Keep it up

  3. he is a good instructor with some really good information about the game, but he def gets out of line  when he s out there on the course, fucking annoying. and im not the first one to point this out, quit the mouth mark!

  4. Love you guys!! I mean, i'm quite drunk at the moment but hell why not. Epic shank, twitchard being secretly epic and stuff. Have I told you that I love you as well?

  5. Love his content but if Mark was chirping off before an eagle putt he'd be going for a swim! Good banter though