Nikon Coolshot 20 Laser Laser Rangefinder

● can be measured 5 ~ 500m up to (6 ~ 550yds.)

● Equipped with short-range priority algorithm
It is equipped with its own development when you aim the pin flag, such as approach shots, easy to measure the distance to the pin flag in front of the forest, such as “short distance priority algorithm” * 1.

● The adoption of one push continuous measurement function, and reduce the effects of camera shake
The adoption of one push continuous measurement function to measure emit laser with about 8 consecutive seconds after pressing once the power button, you can make it easier to view the target and to reduce the effect of camera shake.

● We realized (excluding battery) about 125g of the lightest Nikon portable laser rangefinder series.

● Use a laser with an emphasis on safety
Infrared laser is irradiated to conform to the standards of IEC Class 1M, I am focused on safety. * 2

● It has become an okay life waterproof structure even when wet with rain. * 3

* 1: short-range first algorithm: the case of measuring the target of the laser beam are overlapped, it is displayed as a measurement result of the distance to the nearest target.

* 2: infrared laser emitted from this product is safe in principle, but there are dangerous if you look into the laser light using the (telescope magnifying glass, etc.) optical means. So you do not look directly into the laser beam, please check the instructions for use in the handling.

* 3: JIS / IEC protection class 4 (IPX4) equivalent (based on our test conditions)

Product Features

  • Measurement range * 1 5 ~ 500m / 6 ~ 550yds.  Magnification (times) 6
  • Objective lens effective diameter (mm) 20
  • (Length × width × height) size (mm) 91 × 37 × 73  Mass (weight) (g) (I except the battery) about 125
  • Waterproof standard Life waterproof structure * JIS / IEC protection class 4 (IPX4) equivalent (based on our test conditions).

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  1. Compact, light, accurate and a great price! This is a very light compact Rangefinder. I previously had a Bushnell Sport 450 that grew legs that I liked but did have issues using it for golf and getting a good read on the flag. This is very much lighter and cheaper and so far works very well and is easy to use. I like something that you can just pull out and have it perform in seconds. Too many bells and whistles sometimes causes too much effort in operating these types of devices and this is simply and accurate. Because I purchased…