No Club Practice Golf Swings Pull Your Thumb For Width | Golf Swing Sequence

Golf tips from The Art of Simple Golf YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING AT HOME AND WITHOUT A GOLF CLUB. As winter is fast approaching, many of you still want to get better at golf and work on your golf swing at home… this should be a staple of your home golf endevours. In this quick and simple golf lesson video, Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf shows you a drill you can do at home to improve your golf swing, increase width and have a good golf swing sequence. And the best part is all you need do is pull the thumb and you do not need a golf club. Try this at hoe and see the results on the course. It’s very simple but you can improve your golf game even if you have 20 seconds spare. Come and learn more and see our resources here

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  1. Seriously?….I just got done doing two, 25 rep groups of these as part of my daily golf routine, right before you posted this video…lol