No Weight Shift Required for a Great Golf Swing

Learn the simplest and most powerful swing in golf at the

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  1. Hi Jim. Looks great. But it seems that you do in fact coil your shoulders. The left shoulder joint moves to the right on the backswing. It doesn’t stay put left of your chin. Also back to the subject of the law of the draw, surely there has to be a difference between the clubface angle and the path to deliver a draw? Cheers

  2. Thanks Jim. What I try to do is hold the clubface somewhere between my intended swing path and the target. So I’ll hold the face slightly open and then try to swing on a path to the right of that. As to stock shots I’m currently just trying to make centered contact before hitting or brushing the grass. Have been hitting lots of toe shots with irons and woods. Have cranked my iron lie angles more upright and this has improved contact. May have to do some more tweaking.

  3. Simplicity: Moving object between our feet. We are all a Leverage organism. Jim doesn't claim ownership over a motion we all can do. What goes up, must come down. The path isn't something U manipulate, it is something U set. I'm blind in my left eye and set myself very similar. So imagine how visually scary that would be if I only trusted my vision in doing. There is more to Us than just our eyes. Spatial Awareness. The air U displace.
    Leverage a 45 gram object and fly it thru the air and roll it along the ground (putting) without any thought.
    No mechanics… just do.
    The only tool that really matters is the one sitting in the cranium. Stillness and Silence needs to be observed and heard.
    I have no affiliation with Jim. In fact just heard about him on a Facebook page am a member of. I'm impressed.
    The less moving parts U have the better. What wrecks peoples swings is looking for the ball, because their unsure of where it is going. Not trusting themselves. The eyes (eye for me) comes into play at the very end, visual feedback as to where U already new the ball would be. Golf is simply playing a commited – fearless golf shot.
    Man, hate it when I get long winded. But this, is waaay simple.