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OFF TO THE USA WITH TWO GOLF SWINGS, Mark Crossfield heads to the USA for two days filming with Cleveland Srixon Golf before heading to the Gulf Coast for his family holiday. With two golf swings in his pocket one with s slice looking golf swing and the other with more a controlled fade swing Mark talks about ideas to help them improve their shot shaping ability. Mark Crossfield’s Daily Vlog for golfers who are bored of the same old golf videos.

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Mark Stamm says:

A senior???? – Jordan

Matthew Jones says:

I'm saying Rory but not sure I believe it

Bennyben123 says:

Mind blowing how simple you explain things mark. The dreams of receiving lessons from you may be very far fetched but one day hopefully do-able ????

Palindromic Bob says:

Speith because of mental strength but the ones Rory gets will have something a bit extra in the way he gets them.

Rory Pearson says:

Has Mark gone to console Paige after she found out Locks has a girlfriend

atomant830 says:

I believe Spieth will win more because his strength is his putting where Rory's strength lies in his ball striking. Putt for dough, drive for show.

Ron Thibeau says:

Majors. Rory

James Sulzer says:

Welcome to the USA!

Richie Fruechting says:

Spieth! Rory will be close though.

Nick Furness says:

Speith. Have a great holiday and hello Orla!

Ernie Mangus says:

Thank you Orla for being dedicated to the cause! Speith will win more majors.

Phillip Christie says:

Speith will end up with more, as he honestly seems to have more drive to do so than Rory at this time.

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