Old Bladed Golf Clubs or New AskGolfGuru

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Old Bladed Golf Clubs or New AskGolfGuru, Mark Crossfield answers more questions through his AskGolfGuru app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In this golf video Mark talks bladed irons from 1975 to the modern day and if they have improved. If you game a old set of blades golf irons would your golf improve with a new set of bladed irons with modern lofts and lengths. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru’s easy to follow and understand golf videos.

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  1. Mark

    Who would give you a custom-fit-trial ? Genuinely interested in where on earth that's possible ?


  2. I really like this Camera angle. Maybe you should consider putting this angle on your review videos too

  3. I think modern clubs are easier to use because they are now designed by highly qualified engineers on computer aided design systems, then made from high quality materials on ultra accurate machinery. All that compared to slide rules, pencil n paper and manual machinery has got to be an advantage, not massive granted but it would be apparent. I use ping s58 irons that for all the world look small and difficult to use but to me are as easy as the g2, i5 I used previously, its the engineering that makes it possible

  4. I play 690MB Titleist blades. There are from 2002 I believe and still love mine. But 75… damn… they must have no grooves at all :)

  5. I think a better way to answer this would be a situation where you took an old club head like the Walter hagen and made it in the same process it was originally made brand new today then put a new modern brand new dynamic gold s-300 or xp 95 gram shaft and see what happens then.Anything that's worn out has metal fatiuge and worn out flimsy shafts that wont work as well ans anything new.

  6. Very nice Q&A. I game Hogan Apex Plus irons (2006), which have a shallow players' cavity, and recently picked up MP 69 short irons. Definitely noticed almost 10 yards of increased distance on the modern 69s on well struck shots, but I have a feeling that has a lot to do with slightly stronger lofts and shafts (x100 vs Apex 4). Either way, I feel like modern blades have a fair amount of hidden tech that increases performance over classic blades from the 70s and 80s. 

  7. Very ungentlemanly pulling your trousers out of your arse crack. Something defiantly got stuck in!!!! Like it!!

  8. Right again Mark!  Average h'cap 20 yrs ago – 17.
    Ave h'cap now – 17!

    Get a lesson/s not new clubs………however, if you're using 1975 Hagens get both!

  9. I have bladed Arnold Palmer Charger II irons that I practice with. I'm pretty sure they are from 1978.

  10. I have a set of 1996 call way big Bertha gold irons it's funny I have new drivers putters but I love the look and feel of those clubs so I never change I get new bags and everything else but just keep the irons I like the look when I look down at address haha

  11. How about this…….if you say that clubs aren't lowering handicaps, why are you using a "game improvement" iron?  If you think that an older iron performs the same as a new iron, you are silly. Anyone who has been fitted proper knows that iron/shaft selection can dramatically affect your handicap. If you hit a particular combo (iron/shaft) an average of 7yrds over your previous combo, you are in a better range with scoring irons. Given that course/conditions, etc plays a roll….but over a season, you WILL see a drop in score. I would enjoy a "throwback" PGA event. Pretty sure Mark would be eating his words.

  12. Got a set of 1979 Hogan Apex IIs.  Love hitting them, and love the look of them.  Prefer using them for practice to let me know if I'm on the right track or not.  I use a cavity back when I'm playing.

  13. I have a set of Acushnet pro 100 and its weird to think that they look like modern blades but are 1978 clubs and feel identical. :?

  14. Bought a set of 1986 Titleist tour blades 2 thru SW, extended them one inch and shot a legit 38 2 over for nine holes right before dark. Next day shot 82. 9 strokes better then my Ping's on the same course. Next I'm shopping for a set of persimmons. No more game improvement crap. 

  15. If you like the club, but it's worn out then I recommend getting them refurbished. That solves the groove issue. Forged irons can be bent to your spec and lofted down if you want a "modern" loft. You can spot a better refurbish place if you ask them a simple question. Will they be able to match head weight to the existing? Good places can weigh the clubs and chrome plate to weight. Others will say that is not an option and your clubs come back lighter than when they were sent in.

  16. If you like the look of it you'll be happier playing it. As for your score, practice and learning what you do best is the way forward. Reduce your errors. If you want more distance, take a 4 instead of a 5. If you want more shots on target, hit the sweet spot more often. Learn your game and stop playing someone else's. I see no one talks about sole grind or bounce angles. Don't get fitted by the pro for clubs without them checking your divots. Also don't forget your home course conditions may be different, firmer or softer, than the ground your being checked on. I play blades in summer and cavities in winter as I find the ground too soft for my Hogan Cameo blades in winter and my Mizuno Pro soles better across the turf when it's really soft ground. Biggest game changers in 30years are Driver materials giving a very large sweet spot and the golf ball. Also, find a ball you like, that suits your game, a stick with it. Don't forget, club pro's make money selling lessons and manufacturers make money selling clubs, but you can't buy a game. Good luck in your quest.

  17. I have a set of Ben Hogan Apex II Black Cameos. I'm going to be buried with them. I keep buying a used set every few years for around $150.00US shipping included. Instead of spending over $1,000.00 for a new set of whatevers, I put the savings into another 15 rounds of golf +/-. Ben Hogan, when he was active in his Ft. Worth, TX company, made the best clubs available. FF to the 21st century, and they still stand up as some of the best irons ever. Why pay more? Unless out-sexying your playing partners and clubhouse pals matters, which it doesn't. If you disagree, please let me know as I guarantee I can bend these babies just as well as any 7 handicap can do with his slash her Miura's, Honma's, et al. Wanna bet?