One Plane, Same plane golf swing meet = Easiest most simple golf swing.

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Kirk Junge was a Natural golf certified Instructor who taught in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Florida cities of West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Naples, and Fort Myers. He was also responsible for answering customers golf swing related questions on the companies website at where he answered over 3000 such questions.

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  1. Could you point out some of the differences and some of the similarities between the one plane and the stack and tilt ? Thanks

  2. The idea that the one plane swing is better or simpler than the 2 plane swing is ridiculous. It is even more ridiculous that you are comparing your swing to Tiger Woods. Further more, the position of your hands at address is unimportant. It looks unnatural and tense. A real one plane swing is one with an identical backswing plane to the downswing plane. The lower your hands are through the ball the better as it reduces the extent to which your hands can turn over

  3. Ben Hogan is one of the best if not the best ball striker of all time. Check out his hands. And if it's such a good swing then why doesn't anybody on tour use that method?

  4. I would agree that Moe was a great player but to put him in the same category as Ben Hogan is pushing it I think. And half the reason that Moe hit the ball so straight is due to his lack of distance. The modern swing actually does promote getting the club back to the original hand position. Alex Noren is a great example of it.

  5. my buddy has a single plane golf swing.. more vertical than this one.. kinda like bubba watson.. drives the ball over 300 and he is 5 8 and weighs 180. 

  6. This vidoe explains well why i have back pain after 14 years golfing. But my bro doesn't. I'm 40; he's 56. I used to laugh at him for his " FISHING STYLE" setup.

  7. Think I can get my local teaching professional to assist in teaching the one-plane swing? The Moe Norman approach would be all new for me, and perhaps to my PGA teacher as well.

  8. At 65, with a 16-handicap and chronic back problems, I'm ready to try something new this spring. The single-plane swing just might restore energy for the game that has waned the past year or two. Took my first couple swings yesterday and, from the set up through the follow-through, the new (for me) swing felt like I was trying to learn Russian.

  9. I switched from 2-plane to 1-plane.  Definitely easier to hit and I am having more fun which is my goal.  I do have a few questions.  Since the hand position is higher off the ground it changes the lie angle of the club.  Should I go to a custom fitter to increase the lie angle so the grooves of the club head is parallel to the ground?  And now my other question.  One of my issues with the single plane swing is that since my arms swing out now (instead of down) the centrifugal force causes my body to lean forward.  How do you compensate for this?

  10. Hi Kirk, loving the simplicity and the ease of your single plane method. I am now 69 and have always had a very good degree of accuracy with the ball. What I do find with this method is that my body now suffers less wear and tear compared with my earlier 2 plane method. My carry has not lost any distance and I can not think of an negatives other than it may look a little less powerful lol! My one question is, does the fact that Moe always set up with the club quite some distance behind the ball have any relevance to the method or was this just a personal trait? 

  11. Hi Kirk,  Just come across your videos on youtube.  I'm 41, 6ft 2" and a bit overweight.  I have a recurring back problem and have a fairly flat 2 plane which causes me to cast.  Due to back issue I'm looking at changing swing plane to ease play.  I'm off 8hcp at moment and concerned that I've be playing for so long its going to be a major struggle.  I'm not longest hitter off tee at around 265 ish, but hit irons well.  I tend to hit a large divot, and would like to try and get away from this as its beginning to hurt.  Would you recommend the one plane?

  12. Nice work Kirk; however, even though their setup shaft angle appears to be different than yours and Moe's, the shaft angle at IMPACT appears to be identical.  Thanks again for your efforts and God Bless!

  13. Moe wasn't a single-plane swinger. If anyone can prove otherwise with facts, please let me know.

  14. Good stuff Kirk…can't argue with the science of it. If the club is truly swinging, momentum will cause the club to seek the same plane as the arm triangle.
    Of note, both Woods and Scott not only move their spines away from the ball, but develop a curve in the upper spine; hunched over a bit.