One Plane vs Two Plane Golf Swing

Backswing Golf Lesson Arm and Shoulder Plane

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  1. Serious question: why do you recommend a one-plane swing to someone who is clearly a good golfer with a two-plane swing?

  2. Why would you try and change his swing? He has a natural upright swing that could use a few minor tweaks. But instead you want to change him to a flat, more of a one plane swing. Absolutely the number one problem with golf teachers that only know one method. You don't understand his natural swing (it's similar to Nicklaus, Watson, most of the LPGA) so you want him to swing only the way you understand. You are giving him terrible advice. 

  3. Mickelson, Nicklaus, etc…..all have a high ball flight. Nicklaus could stick a one iron on the green from his high ball flight, and they have the high hands/ two plane swing style….but you want to change his swing plane to a lower position/one plane style to give a higher ball flight? 

  4. great video. Dustin Johnson's hands are very high too, higher than matt kuchar's. but they both strike the balls on the same angle, so the swing top doesn't seem to have much to do with the striking angle, this book explains it all really well: Decoding the Golf Swing Plane.

  5. Hi guys great explanation, I too suffer with high hands and steep downswing often flippy at impact . 4 h/c so can control it however poor striker , would I be correct in saying too match the shoulder & arm swing – the left arm must rotate the feeling of laying the club off ? You never explained technically how to achieve this ? However I agree for all amateurs the closer you stay to the plane line the easier the downswing should be . Appreciate feedback !!

  6. are you guys forgot David's A swing? One plane swing is not effective as much as Two planes swing.

  7. you guys should teach him how to club get in correct plane in follow through nothing is wrong with his backswing only he has to work on a correct in to out follow through.

  8. As -a 2 plane swinger the problem for Matteo was on the downswing his shoulders turned on too steep an angleHis improvement is presumably a backswing where his left arm is parallel to his shoulders angle one planeAlternatively he could have improved by on his downswing rotating his shoulders on a flatter plane two planeI tried the one plane as it is supposedly the easier swing but a broken elbow when I was a child stops me from rotating my forearm required for a one plane swing