Over Easy: “Do Tour Pros Influence Your Golf Equipment” EP 34

In this episode I ask if Tour Professionals are influencing what goes into your golf bag… and I join Instagram.

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  1. r u serious of course they do ! i mean look at tiger woods era!!!! i mean i just bought a 2017(yes i know closed their golf branch in 2016)nike tour staff bag from a local pro golf shop owner just because it was beautiful and i got it for a great price !!!!!! i would never bought it if it was a greg norman Shark staff bag!

  2. youtubers definitely have more influence. Only pro that influenced me was BEEF an now I have a full beard an look homeless.

  3. When I was 12 I wanted the Nike Covert driver purely because Rory was using it and it looked cool????

  4. Great question and video, Randy! I'll never buy a club because it works for someone else. IMO, if you stay within the appropriate SGI, GI, or players category, just about any club will perform really well if it's properly fitted to the individual. However, I'm unlikely to buy clubs by a lesser-known company; partly because they won't hold their value.

  5. Spot on! What a pro happens to be playing means nothing to me!!!! NOTHING! I have been influenced by what a friend has chosen and my past experience with a brand. What has been most influential though has been the chance to play a new club on the course. Totally swayed me!!!

  6. The first time i seen the super stroke grip on tour. i changed to it was great change for my game. i am influenced alot by mark crossfield and mike shields. watch alot of review videos, i feel i have a good knowledge of golf product before i buy

  7. ya gotta agree with your take Randy, re: the PGA TOUR players equipment, never really was influenced by top players sticks (albeit a brief turn with the Nike Sasquatch amidst Tiger Mania) but gotta confess I do sometimes take cues from cooler players apparel scripts. Like if Emiliano Grillo is sporting a cool toque and it's not evident what it is, I go to twitter and figure that shit out.

  8. I think that I've been influenced by pga your pros more subconsciously rather than me going and buying something based on what say Justin Thomas uses. When I buy equipment looks have to be the no. 1 thing and then maybe I'll be like "oh I've seen some guys using this on tour I might try it out"

  9. I am more influenced by the You Tubers (Randy, Shiels, Parfield, et. al). Besides, aside from maybe their putters, nothing the pros play even resembles what we can buy at retail.

  10. You might not think you have influence on us youtube watcher, but you do. I have swapped my 3 wood shaft to my driver because of your video about shorter shafts. And even though it is not a purchase it really helped. However I am now deciding to get fitted for a new driver and I am going to tell the person about getting a 44.5" short or at least ask him about shaft length. I think the shafts have always been to long for me. Don't sell yourself short Randy!

    I have an SLDR 10.5 degree driver and left the slider in neutral. Shaft is regular flex at 45.5"

  11. I am looking for a new putter. I gave narrowed it down to Evnroll because of MyGolfSpy and Rick Shiels. Other than that no. I don't use the same clubs as my favorite golfers. My irons and driver are Ping my 3 wood and hybrids are TaylorMade. I follow Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Tiger. Had TaylorMade long before Tiger signed with them.

  12. Steve Stricker influenced me toward Titleist irons. I bought the AP2s around the time he went to CBs, he later switched to AP2s. So it works both ways. haha

  13. You in your sexy shirt are the reason I would buy a new club …..man your a hottie And so close to Valentine's Day

  14. Tour pros using Taylormade woods and Scotty Cameron putters when they are 'seemingly' not sponsored by them makes me take notice. Also the likes of Stenson using (not anymore, I believe) a many years old Callaway 3 wood. Although that was different, because he was still sponsored by Callaway.

  15. Ecco spikeless golf shoes when I saw Fred Couples wear them at the Masters years ago. And I certainly was not alone in that.

  16. A lot of rick's videos have made me try out different clubs and I use his reviews the most to pick equipment

  17. Don't buy into the hype for the simple reason that the specs on pros clubs would not serve the average duffer very well however, I have a buddy that actually subscribes to the "New Improved" notion. He never win a round against me…lol

  18. 100% You Tube club reviewers influence my golf purchases. I wont make a purchase without comparing the reviews from a few different sources online. Rick and Mark are the main ones i go too but i like to get couple more before i make an big ticket moves.

  19. Awesome video Randy, glad you finally got an instagram account!

    I would say that pros now more often that not are growing the game but at the same time influencing those young fans who will buy all cobra and wear puma (Rickie's fans) so I would say that they are more brand influencers than specific club influencers if that makes sense.