Parkstone Golf Club Part 4

Parkstone Golf Club Part 4, regarded as one of the top golf courses on the South coast. Watch Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and Coach Lockey PGA Professionals take on this beautiful golf course as they begin Day 1 of their Bournemouth trip. Most are classing this as the 5th Major of 2016……..

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  1. I didn't realise that was a phone in your pocket, I thought you were just pleased to see me…..

  2. Why doesn't Lockey add another wedge in his bag and take out the driver since it's just taking up space?

  3. I can't believe I said 8 birdies for three courses only gone and got 8 in one round haven't you :(

  4. Played this on thursday, was +2 thru 9, then pushed two right on tenth tee, scrambled an 8 and had another snowman on 15. Miss the fairway at your peril! Top course.

  5. Hey Mark! Can you do a video on GPS/Smart Watch/Range finder options on what you like or recommend or just your thoughts on them. Thanks!

  6. i have a question that has nothing to do with the video lol i have a bio cell plus driver and cant get it air born is it lack of spin ?

  7. Thought you had that third eagle…….I was giving it a little body english to try an help. Great round so far.