PAUL CASEY GOLF SWING. Mark Crossfield golf professional talks Paul Casey and his golf swing. See what you could learn from Paul and his strong golf swing. Simple ideas about shaping the golf ball and simple ideas about golf swing for all golfers looking to improve their golf game. Simple and easy to follow golf tips for golfers wanting help with driver and iron swings and all for FREE.

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  1. I’d love to see Mark do a ‘Journey’ video series with a tour pro and see if his insight could get them better results. I know there’s 1000 factors in winning but would be interesting, great thoughts and theories in these swing analysis vids.

  2. Hi Mark, please can you do the Ian Woosnam swing? 5-foot-4 and long distance … what is his key? Thx a lot for your vids.

  3. Please Speith my swing. Love to hear what you think of the "chicken wing." Admit it. It brought back some good memories when you looked inside his bag and saw the MP5s.

  4. Quality vid. Hope Casey gets picked too. Adam Scott I think was at that sponsor session, be interesting to see your take on his swing. Generally regarded as a “textbook” swing.

  5. Paul Casey came over to me and a class mate whilst we were sat at the Wales Open outside the players tent a good few years ago now. Spent 10 minutes asking how we were and whether we were enjoying ourselves and if we got to meet plenty of players etc. Our college class were marshalling that week. Poulter on the other hand when asked by young marshals for his autograph (after his best round at Celtic manor) looked at us, held out his hand and shouted PEN! And carried on walking. Needless to say I stayed where i was and have never been interested in him since. We also had to stop one of the rugby coaches going to 'have a word' with him. Totally flipped my opinion of the two golfers.