Get his Amazing 2013 video series filmed and edited by the Art Institute of Pittsburgh at the Harvest Hill Golf Club in Buffalo New York; motion capture technology in 3D, animated ball flights, overhead cameras for draw and fade all available in full HD!

The pendulum is now swinging in our favor; you can now fully engage into our instruction without any worries about if you are doing it right or not; free your swing and your mind! Shawn Clement has the complete package for all your issues whether it is the full swing, the short game, getting back to the standard putter from the long anchored putter you should have never gone to in the first place; Shawn has all the credentials to be the very best instructor for any golfer. It all ends right here on this channel.

Shawn Clement, Class A Canadian PGA teaching professional, Nominated 2011 Teacher of the Year, Top Vote getter in Golf Channel’s instructor search, Golf Academy Live 2001, Golf Tips Magazine Playing Editor 2000-2001, Director Instruction Fairways Magazine 2004, Director Instruction Taboo Resort (Mike Weir’s Home Course) 2002-2005, Director Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre 2005-Today.

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  1. I see in your downswing that you tend to swing down your knees instead of staying still. I think it's very difficult to swing like that cause it will make you to touch the ground with your club before hitting the ball…

  2. hey im 16 and i shoot around the high 80s. My swing looks pretty good in my opinion, but i want to swing like tiger woods. can i send u video of my swing and help me out a little?

  3. Shawn ,   Patrick Miller here.     I was wanting to know if the lower case y that  I am using in my chip and pitch swing is reformed on the downswing of a full shot

  4. Hi Shawn. Just a quick question. When I wholly focus on my target some aspects of my ball flight change as I slightly come out of the shot. is there anything wrong with having a thought process as a trigger of:
    1) stay with the shot
    2) hit to the target

    I don't want to complicate it too much but just feel I need that focus. Your thoughts?


  5. Hi Shawn
    (Reference your reply on rising up)
    Excellent! I always felt there was more athleticism involved than is suggested by many others!
    And especially as a former (good) athlete I am very encouraged! I will try not to be sidetracked any longer!
    Thanks very much indeed for your very prompt response
    Best regards

  6. Shawn,  Your videos are fabulous.  Last year you virtually coached me from a 24 handicap to an 18.  This year already I've dropped to a 15 handicap with 3 rounds under 80 for the first time.  My challenge now to drop my handicap further is from 70 yards or so in.  Do you have a video that addressed that, as I'm very inconsistent with my A-Wedge from that distance?  And thanks for being the best You-Tube golf expert!    Pat   Age 67

  7. Love the videos. Would you please produce a video showing slow motion swings of driver, long iron, hybrid, wedges and short irons? I have been suffering from poor contact and weak shows. I believe due to misunderstang your swing. I was doing a no hinge swing a la Steve Stricker or PPGS school of thinking – I believe that is incorrect! Thanks, Butch.

  8. Hi Shawn, you have tapped into the essence of the golf swing. Without finding
    The ground first it's all compensations. Bravo👍