Perfect Release Golf Club Swing Plane Trainer Aid

The Perfect Release will teach any golfer to relax their grip and at the same time, effortlessly maintain a square club face that requires absolutely no manipulation with the hands. This device will teach golfers of any skill level how to set the golf club on plane and allow him/her to “Feel What The Pros Feel”. With most training aids, the user needs to work hard to make the aid work properly. With the Perfect Release, the user has to work hard to make it work incorrectly. There is more than one way to release the golf club, depending on the desired shot shape. The Perfect Release lets you freely adjust how you release and feel the feedback immediately. The Perfect Release is great for chipping also and eliminating the “Flip” of the golf club.

Product Features

  • Feel Immediate Feedback
  • Gain clubhead speed
  • Gain more distance
  • Eliminate your slice
  • Develop a more fluid
  • dynamic golf swing

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