Perfect Swing, Imperfect Lies: The Legacy of Golf’s Longest Hitter

Journeyman golf pro Mike Austin hit a world record drive at the age of 64 and became the subject of a DVD and a book. Although he was an actor, opera singer, war hero and inventor, this “real-world Indiana Jones” died angry and virtually unknown. “Perfect Swing, Imperfect Lies” unravels the tangled legacy of this extraordinary man and explains why he may yet become in death what he wanted most in life — famous.

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  1. All hail the King of Auqalandia! While John Christensen has done an extraordinary great third dimensional investigation of researching the many myths of Mike Austin, he has overlooked parallel universes to find out if his adventures were true in those. If he does, we may well find out that Mike Austin’s lies were perfect as well. While there isn’t a Guernsey in Alabama, we can all take heart that there is at least one in the USA (Wyoming). No rest for Austin in the land of the dead once Tanya catches up with him…

  2. A Page Turner – A “Story Behind the Story” about the Inventor of the Most Efficient Golf Swing More Than Just a Book on Golf–A Powerful Study on One of Golf’s Most Unforgettable Characters. I read this book on the beach and reread it on a plane last week. The author captures your attention by tell the story, and jumping left to provide details as a side note, and then back to the story–providing facts and the “story behind the story.”At a national tournament in 1974–a man drove a golf ball 515 yards–a feat that still exceeds any shot on the pro tour by 40…

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