PerfectView Device Mount for Golf Bags, Red – Use your own smartphone, tablet or GoPro to capture video on the course, on the range, and during instruction.

We all know range time is a prerequisite to becoming a better player, and practice video is critical. However, On-Course Video is the tool you need to be sure that the move you’ve worked so hard to develop is actually working under real-world pressure. But incorporating video into your on-course practice regimen can be such a hassle: Tripods are a pain. Camera-On-A-Stick can serve its purpose on the range but will be hazardous to the health of your device on the course. Camera-On-Your-Head is just silly, and let’s not even discuss buying another camera mounted in a PVC tube to stick in the ground. How about some good news: You don’t need another device. You just need a better mount. This is why we built the PerfectView Golf Bag Device Mounting System. Constructed using space age carbon fiber materials, 3D Printed – laser sintering technology and including the best photographic accessories available, PerfectView is an industrial strength mount designed for the rigors of capturing on-course video and data using the device of your choice. For additional information please ask a question below…

Product Features

  • The PerfectView is a premium device mounting system for golf bags that is without peer. Combining style and convenience with rock solid performance, your device mounting system will work perfectly whether you’re riding on a golf cart, hoofing it with a stand bag or spending the day at the range.
  • PerfectView will easily and securely mount virtually any smartphone, phablet or tablet, including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S3-5, all Samsung Galaxy Note models, Nokia phones and the 1520 phablet, as well as iPad, iPad mini, Kindle, Nexus and Surface, to name a few.
  • When you buy a PerfectView mount, we provide everything you need right in the box. All you need is your favorite smartphone, GoPro, tablet or digital camera.
  • The PerfectView box includes: The GCHD Professional Device Adapter Package that includes an iStabilizer smartMount, iStabilizer tabMount, Giottos Professional Mini-Ball Head, 12″ Heavy Duty Vinyl-Covered Flex Arm, 3D Laser-Printed Bag Adapter and the base Carbon Fiber Monopod with Counter-Balance.
  • The PerfectView works with virtually all golf bags including Nike, Callaway, PING, Titleist, Mizuno, Taylor Made and Ogio. The PerfectView also carries a lifetime warranty. If you break it, we’ll fix it.

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  1. This was a Father’s Day gift that far exceeded expectations. From the start service was excellent from GCHD Team. Packaged arrived in great time, and I was amazed at the packaging. Every part fit perfect in its stop, no loose parts, instructions were well spelled out with the different mounts and how the PerfectView can be adjusted. Only had the opportunity to use this in the home, so excited to take this to the range and take this to a new level of grinding/practice. I’ve been avid/competitive…