Peter Kostis compares Jonas Blixt’s and Sam Snead’s golf swing

In the final round of The Greenbrier Classic 2014, Peter Kostis uses the Konica Minolta Bizhub Swing Vision to discuss the differences Jonas Blixt’s modern swing to Sam Snead’s classic swing.

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  1. Bottom line is when someone can say they have won over 140 tournaments with the same swing..THEN they can talk…The only tournaments today that Snead would not win would be the one's he did not enter.

  2. Anyone see Peters analysis of Bubbas swing on the golf telecast of 6/27/2015? Same footage of Snead, but did he indicate the only way to get a full shoulder turn is to get the left knee behind the ball thereby getting a full hip turn on the back swing? I recall he did and disagree. 1) it is possible to get your knee behind the ball without turning the hips 2) it is possible to turn the shoulders without turning the hips. May be he did not recall his advice in this video where he clearly states the modern swing does not feature a big hip turn away from the ball. I confused by Kostas, again.