PING i500 IRONS reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield golf professional. The new Ping golf i500 irons are called a power players iron with ideas of tour looks but power lofts and flights. See what these irons could do for your golf game and if the Power irons from Ping golf could help your golf game and lower your scores. Improve your golf game and your golf swing with simple tips and drills as well as equipment reviews from Mark Crossfield.

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  1. 30 seconds in and these irons sound oxymoronic. Ala ap3. Looks like a players iron with jacked lofts! I’m killer at marketing.

  2. Great review mark, I personally think that this new breed of iron is great for golfers, It gives the feeling that even the mid to higher handicappers can now play a more desirable players iron without sacrificing to much forgiveness.

  3. Great unbiased review, great looking clubs, not for me, but I hope people buy them and enjoy using them.

  4. Great to see the club reviews back, have always been a fan of this video series. Love the loft ideas Ping have brought to the table with the i500. Will be interesting to see if any other manufacturers pick up this idea in the future.

  5. Mark, would like you to discuss this with AVG – they produced a video a few months ago showing that, for the same loft, there was no difference in spin between blades and cavity back irons

  6. I get why these type of clubs are being made… but at the same time I don’t. Surely it’s what most people want (which is obviously why they’re making them) but not what most people actually need…? Another top review! 👍🏼

  7. Very interesting Mark. I do want to get some reviews on that TS driver you had in your bag also. When are we going to get some Titleist iron reviews?

  8. proper clubs like mizuno should start saying one piece forged..or forged one…stops all this marketing bollocks

  9. Mark, do you think the manufacturers are TRYING to reduce spin? If not, why wouldn’t they use some of the tech that they use with wedge faces and grooves to add spin for the 4-9 irons?

  10. Love the vid Mark, interesting stuff. I think it's the same as what we're seeing across all "asset classes." Everybody is responding to a sustained strong economy. Values are expensive, and everybody wants a piece of the pie. Ping, like the other companies, are probably taking advantage of all the consumer spending going on right now and trying to maximize all the products they offer. It will be interesting to see what happens when the economy "resets"

  11. Very perceptive comment about Ping and their custom fit heritage. It’s great that they’ve added design and looks to the mix. At first glance, these look like clubs Nick Faldo was playing back in 1988. That’s the Holy Grail for me.
    Thanks for another refreshingly obsessive look at a golf club. That’s what we want.

  12. What the hell. Who saved the channel? Great review Mark. They do look good and being hollow with a screw port I have somewhere to put my 20 yr old scotch while I'm playing. The 3 different lofts is a great idea because I think gapping could be a problem if they do what I'm reading. Just my opinion.

  13. From the back, one of the best looking irons out there. Really interesting technology packed into this club. And love that they’re offering retro-lofts amidst this “distance” trend. Ping is still the leading innovator in the industry.

  14. Hmmmm my Ping Eye 2's might be in some serious trouble. Retro loft is looking really really good to me! Thanks Mark

  15. Thanks Mark – great review as always bruh! Very interesting to see Ping’s evolution of their iron offerings over the last couple of years. I think iBlade was a huge game changer for them and has kind of spurred this venturing into cool new areas, pushing the proverbial envelope all while still staying honest to their heritage.
    If I’m looking at this iron as a stand-alone set, I think it could just slide in the bag as a very neat 4-PW set and then throw in 2 to 3 Glide forged wedges. Blending it say with iBlade might be interesting. I never truly felt like i200 blended well with iBlade due to the big difference in offset of the 200. We’ll have to see if iBlade 2.0 is on the near horizon and if it will align more in terms of blending with i500 or i210. My only issue with their offering is the G400. It just looks like a complete misfit now in terms of style and design with the rest of these gorgeous looking satin irons. Might not hurt Ping to also throw a few marketing dollars at hiring a brand naming consultant. Their numbering and naming system is so strange. IBlade, i210, i500, G400, G700. Do these numbers even make any sense? Wouldn’t i400 have made more sense or G500. I’m not by any means brainwashed by TM, but you have to respect the smart and cohesive marketing in the P series irons and M series irons/drivers.
    And finally huge kudos to Ping for biting the bullet and throwing that all important “forged” stamp on a set of their irons. That is smart. Tell me they didn’t just turn a few million golfer’s heads now who would never look at Ping twice bc they are cast clubs. Maybe it is just a forged face insert, but we do love our little forged stamping son our irons and you can bet there’s a boat load more market share coming their way now due to that one little word etched on the back of that smooth satin finish! 😂

  16. Those irons look absolutely stunning. I have never been a fan of PING in the past as I thought their clubs looked ugly, cheap and felt terrible. Love the new direction they are headed and I can’t wait to demo them myself. The three different loft choices is brilliant as well. Way to go PING!