Mark Crossfield tests the new Ping SIGMA 2 putters with adjustable length and new face insert. See what the Ping Sigma could do for your golf game and how it could help you improve your putting and in turn golf scores. Simple and easy to understand golf instruction for and reviews for golfers of all abilities. See what golf clubs could fit your golf game the best.

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  1. love the variable length adjustment- more of a classic look for me now they have seemed to improved the MOI ( have they?). I noticed I had more long pitch ins than long putts which made me realize that actually it was easier to line up a blade type putter than one of these modern horseshoe things. Looks like you are releasing on the long putts and shoving the shorter ones which i recognize oh so well 😉

  2. To me Its all the colors and “bling” – The “other brand” has over taken the rest of them cause of looks to me – a putter is orden not one you change that much, and thus it is prefered if the colors and design are “timeless”. Scotty do hold their pricetag slot longer too, to me for that very reason. they look top class, suttle and quality, many of the other brands are toying around with blacks, whites, Reds and blues… I actually do have a Ping Anser2, but choose the “plain looking one” – and only because I couldnt afford a Scotty at the time…

  3. Great balanced review, as always Mark. They look fabulous and I'll definitely give that face a try. One thing you didn't spot on the review is that you can actually stick the head of the 'holy' putter into the hole to pick your ball out. During the winter months, where you have gloves on and don't want to keep taking them off to get your ball out of a water-logged hole, a putter that can get the ball out and keep your hands dry is a great idea!

  4. How does it adjust for the swingweight change along with the 4 inches adjustable length? The head would feel very different at different lengths without changing the head weight.

  5. Very intrigued by this new putter line, especially with the softer face that I like. Didn't like the older Sigma line but this version looks great and with the softer face is worth a test too.

  6. I agree with Ping being a company that innovates more than other companies. They used to have the phone cradle / app that would help you determine stroke type and pace for putters. Then looking at some retail sites and the putters in at the stores they have stickers that will match what their app determines to be a best match for you. Just interesting with the way they push features and fitting ideas to the consumer more than other brands.

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