Mark Crossfield and Dan from Torquay try to play Like Justin Thomas and NOT Jordan Spieth in this fun but educational golf video. See what happens when the guy go for longer tee shots and longer drives. What more can they get out of their golf drives and does hitting it that hard help them score better or worse. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips, golf drills and golf lessons for all golfers on Mark’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Great video. Should do more experiments while playing. Like having to hit a fade on every shot, or a draw. Or playing a 1 club challenge and showing how to score with just a 6 or 7 iron.

  2. TIL: You shouldnt be going 'ball to the wall' on every swing with you long clubs!

    I swing like my life depends on it with my driver and long irons! Might try taking it easier for my next couple of rounds

  3. It can only be a 4 ball.. so the me and my golf lads can stay back in the dressing room trying on clothes together 😘

  4. Quick question. When you guys laugh at people who say they need to slow down their swing.
    Then show that when you swing to fast for your own ability it all goes to shit.
    What am I missing? I must be missing something

  5. The thing i love the most about that is it gives you guys a feel of how us 15 handicappers try to play this game. Still absolutely hilarious video bruhs.!!!!

  6. Bruhhhh eat some jumping beans before ya start next time ,watch for the tree,s bruh coach says welcome to his game.

  7. Funny thing is I think that’s how I drive! Explains why I only have a good round with the driver one in ten rounds!

  8. If you want to see this in real life. This is how I play! Super long and pray I reach the next fairway for a shot! Makes golf fun!