Posture and Balance In The Golf Swing

Posture and balance in the golf swing. Piers ward and Andy Proudman answer a Facebook question on creating good posture and balance.


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  1. Hi Bradley, thanks for your comment. We aren't using any blogs any more just posting through our own page. Let us know if we can hep in any way.

  2. Bradley received your message. We will have a game in a couple of weeks. Will certainly miss the golfing community on city bankers. Not the same watching it alone on here.

  3. I think no matter what club you have, the importance of balance and posture is key. Though for me, I have trouble with my driver vs. my irons. The driver shaft is so light and long, and the weight distributed mostly at the end of the club, it's hard for me to stay in the swing without overdoing it. Luke Donald even chokes up on his driver(Shorter Shaft) just to help 'stay in the swing'. Any thoughts on how to address staying in the swing with a driver (considering club weight distribution)?

  4. Hi Guys. Great videos! I'm playing Astbury Hall this coming weekend, any tips for the course? I usually play at Wrekin and Worfield, so very local. Keep up the good work!

  5. The course is quite open off the tee but the greens are the defence of the course (not many flat putts!). Don't be too greedy with going for the flags. Aim for the middle of the greens. On the 6th hole, play safe off the tee, don't hit driver! You want to be going in with a wedge as the green can be tricky. Apart from that, you will enjoy it! I am there playing myself (Andy) Sunday so say hello if you are about. Thanks for watching!

  6. Hey Guys, I must say thank you for this video, over the past year I had been pushing my arms out further as I had been putting on weight but as you said its not good ! I was losing balance distance the tension in my hands would not go either despite waggling,
    I must admit the swing feels a little claustrophobic because of the weight but the balance is back as well as my distance and instead of slicing I've gone totally the other way which feels amazing ! cheers Ady xx

  7. Great Ady. Glad we can help. Its always great to hear that we have made a difference to someones golf. That is what Meandmygolf is all about. Please let us know if we can help in anyway.

  8. How far should je bent forwards? when i filmed myself i saw that i was bending to much forward in comparison to the pro's, i hit a fade and can't hit a draw. should i be more upright?

  9. were did the fog and mist go . . . . looks better than castle grey skull .. now get the driver adjusted to 12.5 degrees . . On the set up note to avoid my slice I am now setting up with my body facing out right, ultimately at 3 degrees off centre, with the club headย square to the ball ,, now I don't have a slice but now find I am drawing the ball . . . should this be acceptable or should I work to be more aligned . .๏ปฟ

  10. How do you explain then, the distance and dead on accuracy of Moe Norman and his followers? ย  They are way out over theย 
    front of their feet, with a 24" distance from club handle to belt line!!

    To look at Norman when he sets up you would think he'd fall forward on his face.

    How does balance play into his swing??๏ปฟ

  11. Audio needs a remix, like with signal on the left channel.ย  Otherwise, a great video.๏ปฟ