Powerchute Swing For Life Golf Swing Trainer

Powerchute is the ultimate in golf performance training technology. Powerchute’s patented design generates shaft and clubhead resistance to significantly increase clubhead speed and driving distance while delivering significant improvements to the golf swing. Powerchute was originally conceived for World Long Drive competitors and has been redesigned and reengineered by Jim Sowerwine, creator of the award winning Inside Approach ‘Slice Correction Trainer’, (awarded the ‘Swing Trainer of the Year’ by ‘Golf Digest Magazine’ 2004 and 2005). “If you can increase your swing speed by 3 or 4 mph, That’s 15 yards or more… that’s a pretty nice thing for a person to have.” Jack Nicklaus

Product Features

  • Increases Clubhead Speed, Increases driving distance
  • Improves Balance, Promotes a full finish
  • Develops Proper Sequencing, Eliminates Casting or Throw
  • Increases Lag, Improves angle of approach
  • Improves center-face contact, Increases the ability to pinch a ball off a tight surface

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  1. This is one training aide that really works! In only a few weeks of intermittent use (golf season is winding down in Michigan) I’ve already seen an increase in my distance off the tee. I played yesterday with a friend who “always” outdrove me – before. Not yesterday! Most of the time we were even and 5-6 times I was “The Man!” The powerchute is easy to attach and use. I recommend attaching it to an old driver and just leaving it attached. Those ads which show people simply amazed at their swing after using the…