Shifting weight or pressure in the golf swing are two very different things and can hugely affect how well you perform.

In this video Chris Ryan shows you the difference between weight and pressure shift, how this can impact the golf swing and then how yo can work on this in practice.

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  1. How the hell do you get your arms up there in the backswing (the point of stopping before you start your downswing) ? I've tried and tried but I'm not getting it up there

  2. Hi Chris, another great video. so how's the pressure shift go on the downswing? I feel that's where golf swing instruction goes wacky bump, shift,slide,surf,turn etc all of the above lol I can do any of them or all of them in combination and hit the ball fine, because I feel I have good club face recognition and I can pretty much hit the ball okay from just about any position because I'll figure out a way to. what do you feel is the correct way. I've watched all of your videos and you give great instructions. Do you think you could do a quick checkpoint video through the entire swing? I'd love to get like a two hr in person lesson from you but unfortunately I'm in the states and I don't think I'll be visiting the UK any time soon.

  3. Very well explained! I'm 64 and have always heard shift your weight, thus I developed a sway which is very hard to shake after doing it wrong for so many years. I'll continue to work on it, it does seem to be improving.