Pro Tips fix golf slice “Coming Over the Top” with Swing Profile Best Golf Analyzer

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See how Swing Profile can be used to spot and fix a common golf swing issue; hitting from the top.

With Swing Profile’s Auto Replay mode, golfers can instantly view, and fix problems with their swing on their own.

To cure “hitting from the top”, allow your lower body to initiate the down-swing, and letting your club drop to a lower plane. This should allow you to impact the ball from a lower angle. Practice and train using Swing Profile Auto-Replay to refine your technique.

Through Swing Profile’s advanced technology you can film yourself for long periods of time in a single shot, and let the program find and isolate your swings. This dramatically reduces the size of your videos, allowing you to practice and record for longer.

Footage of setting up balls, resting and stretching is automatically removed, leaving you with only relevant video — your swings. Videos are also automatically cropped to a suitable width in order to reduce their size. With Swing Profile it is no longer necessary to start or stop recording for each swing, nor do you need to watch redundant footage during your analysis.

Swing Profile is the most advanced golf analysis software!

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