Proper Way To Swing A Golf Club With Mike Malaska

Mike Malaska teaches us the misconceptions of a golf swing and demonstrates what a golf swing should look like.

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  1. Thank you so much for this tip, I can now strike all my clubs so much better and longer fantastic contact and straight! You've changed the way I think about golf and I now need to gap test all my clubs because everything is longer. God bless you Mike, I'm off to turkey for 7 games on extremely long courses and expect to reach them in 2 instead of 3 or 4. Amazing tip thank you thank thank you Bob

  2. What a terrible just awful way to explain things. This is when the person doesn't know what their talking about, they just make up none-sense with foolish forces and gravity and all the things that no other good golfer ever thinks about.

  3. Just curious, which pros do that move in their practice swing?. Sounds kind of like the knuckles down concept

  4. 40 to 70 ive lost 10 yards per year im done i use this method its the same i used for years just got old

  5. I used to drive dead straight about 2/3 the time, but not that far maybe 180-200. I watched a few YouTube videos to improve my drive, and now I hit 240 but off into the woods slices and fades with a few nasty hooks, not hitting a single ball straight on my last 18. About to sell my clubs.

  6. LOL His understanding of physics is so of that it is more logical to imagine that pigs always fly when you turn your back to them! X(

  7. I have never seen a golfer suffer from the head of the golf club falling behind their back like he demonstrates.
    Not sure what he means about a club head getting much "heavier" unless he's referring to momentum, which is a product of mass and velocity.
    However, the first movement of the clubhead during the "swing" (not the backswing) is upward and "outward" (to the right for a righthanded golfer). This is the exact opposite direction of falling behind the golfer's back so I don't know what Mike M. is talking about here.
    Mike, can you clarify? This doesn't make sense to me based on basic physics.

  8. I like his putting tips, but this analogy will only work for a limited few. Any motion (steering wheel idea) that pushes the right elbow behind the hip and above the left elbow is a recipe for disaster IMO. Most players need to learn to 'allow' the club to drop behind and not 'steer' the club head over the top which is an instinctive reaction to 'control' the club head and deliver it to impact. I would encourage the exact opposite turn on the steering wheel to produce better results – :o

  9. This guys is legit. No I don't know this guy. But i see a lot of people's comments on here critiquing Malaska's method of explaining universal moves that will apply to most people's swing faults. It's probably why most of you can't ever be better than the chop down the street. Sharing you swing tips you saw on the Golf Channel like virus's to other people having them adopt the same bull$h!t and so on. Also your sweater folding club pro is not always a sure thing. Just like anything else in this world do some research…

  10. I think I've had too many beers….. is Mike promoting a vertical hand path while steeping the shaft in transition? Feel or real, I'm not understanding.