Puckups – Sports Themed Cell Phone Stands Made From Indestructible Hockey Pucks. Designed for Iphone and Android Smartphones

We Love Sports! All sports, we love them so much that we are offering a collection of our favorite sports themed PUCKUPS. We have Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, and Soccer. PUCKUPS are unique cell phone stands, custom made from official 6 oz. solid rubber hockey pucks. Our universal mobile device stands provide display and protection for all models of cell phones, iphones iPods, Phablets, iPod Touchs, MP3 Players and PDAs. PuckUps even fits the new Samsung Galaxy line like the Note 4! This is simply the most indestructible cell phone holder you will ever buy. We dare you to break it! You could even run a PuckUps over with a car and it would have no effect. No tougher stand exists! They are perfect for use at your favorite sports bar or restaurant, in your man cave, at the office, on the nightstand, in the kitchen, out in the garage, in your hotel or dorm room, or anywhere you want to prop up your phone. When you’re sitting at your favorite bar or at your desk, don’t let important calls, texts and e-mails go unanswered… with PuckUps you will have the peace of mind of staying connected while unwinding! Get it up and Keep it up with PuckUps! Getting your phone off a flat surface naturally enhances the sound quality from your smartphone’s speakers. Use it by the pool or at your local bar. They are waterproof and nearly indestructible! Slide PuckUps into your pocket or toss it into your purse as you head out to watch the game. Your PuckUps makes a great conversation starter! Check out our other amazon listings for our 4 Pack of PuckUps and for our all new Hockey Puck Tablet / Kindle Stand. Visit PUCKUPS.com and come see all of our graphic design options. PuckUps.com also does large scale as well as short run custom PuckUps, perfect for your next event or party! Proudly made in Pennsylvania. PUCKUPS is the sole manufacturer, retailer, and distributor of PUCKUPS Phone Stand – any other entity selling this product is a counterfeiter.

Product Features

  • Check out our other listings here on amazon for our Original Puckups (amazon Prime), our Prints and Patterns Collection, a 4 Pack of PuckUps, and for our Kindle / Tablet stand as well!
  • Universal: Smart Phones with or without cases.
  • Tough: Solid rubber hockey puck virtually indestructible.
  • Sound: Naturally Enhances Sound
  • Dimensions: 3″ round x 1″ tall _ Groove: 3/4″ Wide x 1/2″ Deep – Weight: 5oz.

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