Pure Lift in the Backswing Using your Right Hand – Vertical Golf Swing

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Obtaining good clubhead speed is critical if you want any sort of power and distance. Your right hand (or left hand for lefties) is the main player in lifting the club vertically.

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  1. fantastic with the forearm muscle example and grip – thank you!

    I've always been told though (as a right hander) to keep my left arm completely straight – do not bend at the elbow – but in using my right arm to help lift (up the tree as you explain), my left elbow bends slightly, going against what I was told many years ago. Is it okay for the left elbow to bend slightly, or do I fight (and I say fight because I feel like I'm fighting to keep it straight) to keep that elbow from bending?

  2. Awesome lessons, I can really feel my right arm-hand lifting through impact into my finish. I feel a sense of freedom through the strike like never before.