Q&A, How To Sort Your Golf Bag by Mark Crossfield

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  1. Great advice from Coach! Do you have any advice for those of us that use cart bags? I play with a push cart (trolley) or drive a golf cart (buggy), so I don't use a stand bag. Cheers from Nebraska, USA!

  2. No one has yet devised a method to prevent the "OMG I've lost a club!" only to find it hiding in plain sight in the bag 😉

  3. your like the Morecambe & Wise of the golf world, there should be laughter in golf keep it up.

  4. My cart bag has a separate putter spot and I keep my club setup like Mark, except my bag has individual dividers so my clubs are in their own hole (giggity).

  5. i saw this title and thought "Crossfield, what has your channel come to?!" but i laughed so much watching this

  6. Damn you guys rattle the clubs around alot. :/ i hate it when they hit eachother and get nicks and nacks.

    I have coverheads for all my irons aswell. 😀 no clanking when you walk around either.

  7. Try the Ogio Chamber bags – either the Stand or Cart versions. Not only locks clubs in to eliminate that horrible clatter but you can quickly see if you are missing any clubs!

  8. How would you sort it out if the bottom ring is on the top near the handle? So basically where your wedges are now would be up near the handle. Thank you

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