Rapid Swing Speed Built By Body Rotation



Most golfers understand that swing speed cannot be achieved by trying to break their golf club (and back) in half with an overly aggressive attack on the golf ball.

Rather, through the proper optimization of our body rotation during our golf swing, we can gradual find huge gains in our speed, leading to amazing shots with control and added distance as direct benefits from our practice.

George Gankas golf lessons provide players with the essential training, known as the GG Swing Method, to optimize their bodies for any condition they encounter on the golf course.

Players that have studied George Gankas golf instruction videos have sung his praises in every corner of the internet, becoming strong advocates for the GG Swing Method overall.

Many of these golfers arrive at Gankas’ training materials out of desire to increase the speed of their golf swing, with many faltering while trying to swing the club hard rather than fast.

As understood regarding any golf swing, there are several motion packed components working together within our body in order to pull off a successful shot.

Each movement that our body takes during our golf swing has room for optimization and correction, which will result in an overall improvement over our swing speed.

Many golfers underestimate the amount of force they’re able to harness simply from pushing their feet into the ground prior to releasing the golf club.

Harnessing the energy found in pushing into the ground with our lead foot will generate an instant increase in the speed of our golf club.

The increased speed experienced when pushing our lead foot off of the turf results from properly timing the action during our swing, with increased force under our lead foot just before or simultaneously as we impact the golf ball.

Most players have come to the conclusion that executing this action prior to impact provides more speed and distance to their shot than waiting for actual impact with the golf ball, so this should be something that golfers experiment with when adding this action to their golf swing.

The power generated simply by leveraging the ground for resistance during our golf swing adds a rapid amount of speed to our swing, while not overexerting any muscle group in the player’s body in order to do so.

Supination may not be a term that many novice golfers are familiar with.

Describing the rotation found in the hand and forearm of a player which keeps the palm pointed upward, supination has been found by many instructors to add intense speed to the golf swings of their students.

Hand actions like supination can be spotted in use by countless PGA Tour pros during play, most commonly found during impact.

When utilizing actions like supination in play, golfers must be mindful of where their club face aims at the point of impact, as these calculated wrist and forearm movements can sometimes send our club face in varying directions if not properly monitored by the player.

As Gankas eluded to in this video, golfers that are able to harness increased swing speed must also look to maintain control over their club face in any condition of play.

Utilizing the natural movements and rotations in our body, we allow our swing to organically execute rather than forcing the motion with overuse of our hands or arms.

This places a heavier reliance on optimized rotation in our hips, legs, shoulders, and wrist flexion.

When done correctly, golfers will notice that their club face remains stationary and square, allowing for solid impact with the golf ball, while experiencing the increase in swing speed without sacrificing control over the face.


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  1. Can a higher back swing help with speed? Kinda let gravity do some of the work coming down?

  2. Wish you were in Texas… I'm a +2 but cant break the barrier. My type of coach, love the fact you teach below the plane. Seems like everyone else wants above it.