Ray Floyd Golf Swing Analysis

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Proof that in some cases talent overrides suspect or idiosyncratic form. Floyd’s swing is all over the place: no teacher would ever encourage a student to emulate anything about this action except the rhythm and tempo and the eventual (great) results, which, of course, means expert impact alignments.

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  1. Great videos, amazing some butt ugly swings can still win tournaments. Do you think consistency comes more from striking tons of balls rather than a pretty swing – is it 50/50, or 90% practise/ 10% swing , would be interested in your opinion

  2. it's a funny looking swing but you just can't argue with the results. He finds a very good delivery position (somehow) after that ridiculous backswing.

    He was an excellent striker in his day, one of the most accurate iron players on tour and an excellent putter with a steady nerve.

  3. Hey Wayne, I have a backswing that is kind of like Ray's though not as exaggerated. I roll my forearms and the clubhead drops behind my body but I get in a decent position at the top and my downswing is pretty much on plane. Could you explain the issues caused by an inside takeaway?

  4. Very respectful. I'd say that Ray Floyd has been an inspiration for those who aren't text-book,or coached from very young to be text-book. I also would add that Ray always came across as a real gent and statesman.

  5. Great vid, thanks Wayne. Any chance of you doing a swing analysis of Eamonn Darcy? I'll buy a premium membership if you do 🙂

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  7. This is what I love about golf. That "nobody knows how to hit a golf ball" (Moe Norman) 🙂 And therefore forcing anybody to copy your (normal) swing is ridiculous… Just a funny way how to get people to give you their money, sorry… I´d guess his swing wouldn´t work without thousands or millions of balls on the range 😉

  8. I have no idea how he didn't shank EVERY iron shot !! No rhythm , no flexibility , no no no no no no …..shoots 65 thanks for coming out , show me the money AND the trophy !!!

  9. great respectful analysis Wayne. I seen Floyd Strippiñg drivers on the practice ground,British Open circa 1980. Fantastic. as good as NICKLAUS!!! IRONS ,NO DIVOT, all ball!! unbelievable,

  10. So many ways to play this game.  Love to view the offbeat methods that some great players have used to become successful, almost against all odds.  Floyd was one of the greatest frontrunners, generally tenacious on the lead in his career.

  11. Hey Mr. Wayne D, yet another great swing analysis! Would you please do a swing analysis of Mrs. Nancy Lopez, Hall of Fame?

    I couldn't tell from the video of Mr. Floyd, Hall of Fame, if he had a slow tempo backswing or not?

    I played a lot of baseball growing up and having never seen Mr. Floyd in his prime his swing looks like he played a lot of baseball as well.

    I have never seen anyone swing the club the way I do until now. Thanks for posting this analysis. I can't wait to show this video to my Saturday Foursome who laugh at my technique in spite of the fact that I consistently out drive them by a mile 😉

  12. I have seen earlier swings when he was much younger in his mid to late 20’s where he gets the club to a perfect position at the top and did not take club nearly as inside.

  13. I had a bit of Floyd in my old action, but I didn't recover as well and definitely didn't have his ability. Therefore, I overhauled pretty extensively.
    Home made swings are great, but if you can't break 80 (or worse 90), time for a new direction.

  14. The key to me are his hands come straight up and then straight down in front of his body. That is what remains constant with great swings. His hands are really doing exactly what Furyks hands are doing as far as PATH. Furyks club comes up with a vertical shaft.

    Either way, the club head for Floyd DOES NOT get caught behind him. The key are his hands come straight up and then straight down in front.