Mark Crossfield PGA professional helps a real student during a lesson today and joins the instagram lesson onto the days lesson to show you how similar golfers can be with their mistakes. Learn how club paths that are out to in can be fixed with some simple ideas around loft and delivery. You could improve your golf swing with simple and easy to follow golf instruction for all golfers. You want to hit longer better tee shots or hit more greens with your irons use these golf instruction videos to help you play better golf.

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  1. Love the Daily Vlogs, the live vlogs are a great step forward but due to time differences (I live in Thailand) I only catch up with them after they have been streamed. The live club testing is great and also the live lessons, I think these two are perfect so I wouldn't do anything more.

  2. I would like to see your live test the clevhb launcer clubs especially since I'm considering this set of irons for myself.

  3. I would like to see a high handicap player test the new 718 Titleist AP1 against the previous Titleist 716 AP1. I would like to see how much difference there really is in the irons. Thanks for the videos Mark .

  4. I would love to see a few live challenges between you, Dan, and Coach. Maybe a "Hitorigami" 1 iron challenge closest to the pin challenge, or your 3 wood vs. Coach's 3 iron.

  5. Help me Mark! I have never been fit for a golf club in my life, but I've been getting a little more serious about my game. So, when deciding to get a new driver, I went to a driving fitting and hit a bunch of new drivers. I even tried my old driver on the launch monitor to find out how it compared. Old driver was hitting about 14.5-15.5* launch angle with about 4500-5000 rpm of spin for about 245-250 yards of carry on a good hit. My old driver is a Taylormade R580 9.5* with a Regular flex 60 gram shaft, that I've out grown since my younger playing days. So, my average club head speed with around 112-114 mph, and I was thinking I should have a stiffer shaft. I have no problem launching it high, and the driver I was best fitted with was a 2017 TM M1 440cc with 8.5* loft and a stiff shaft that weighed 75g and felt really good to me. I was getting launch angles averaging at 12.0*, 2200-2400 rpm of spin, and my average carry distance was much farther! Here's my dilemma though… In my mind, I thought I should be using an X stiff shaft, but at the fitting place I went to, they did not have an X stiff shaft for me to try with the TM M1. Should I order the club with the shaft I was producing those numbers with, or should I try and buy it was a similar weight X stiff shaft and see if it does better for me? I feel like I'm really over thinking the whole thing, but I want to make sure I get the right club for me if I'm going to spend the money on it. Would an X stiff shaft help me hit it straighter than the S stiff shaft would? AHHH, it's all so overwhelming isn't it?

  6. I would like more videos like this one! I am a 10 handicap looking to get more consistent ball striking and this type of video is spot on to what I think I need to lower my handicap. I would like to buy a video camera that takes good slow motion capture, anyone have ideas on a good recorder for swing analysis? Thank you! Again great video!!

  7. Interactive live lesson, over FaceTime or something? Might be an issue with not having all the 'tech' available but just an idea?

  8. Mark, if you haven't, read Mrbadassbudhas comment, it's spot on. Most Pros seem to follow a method rather than to address the needs of the person in front of them. There's the Haney method, Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, the RSS, Stack and Tilt and others. What I've noticed is that all of those are correct and incorrect, depending on the person. Mostly, it's a combination with the trick seeming to be what is best for you; that is where you have come in and helped to clear some of the myths out there. Keep it up.

  9. More of these Mark. Always enjoy the live lessons. Are you working at a different facility now btw?

  10. I think it'd be interesting to do a shot of the week kind of thing? Try to replicate specific situation and then You, Lockey, Dan, whoever could go over how you'd approach the shot and then the various options that one could factor. As in why a Tour Pro might shoot a an 8 iron 145 on one hole and in the same round hit it 190 yards to a different hole. Both shots finishing less than 15 feet. Talk about trajectory, wind, spin, ball placement, grip changes, shorter backswing, etc. This is the part of golf that blows my mind. Now that I can largely hit the ball straight (thanks for that brah), rather than get easier, golf has gotten more interesting.

  11. I agree with so many of the comments on here today that you nailed it with this vid!! Really excellent teaching and explainations for us viewers about the correlation between wrist angles, loft, shaft lean and path. I know you've been harping on about it for years….. But this was a "eureka" enlightening moment!! Great stuff brah!!!

  12. Hi Mark great video and even better subject. I play off 10 and have had more success following your videos than so called lessons I've had from my local PGA instructors. They seem to spend more time talking than actually trying to instruct like you do. The feeling you try and get your pupils to achieve works and that's how I've improved. Especially the flattening of my left wrist. Some instructors want your money and seem more interested in you booking more lessons than actually teaching. I wished I lived closer to you. By the way my handicap has come down from 13.7 to 9.7 in 18 months and that's mainly down to you and your style of teaching. Keep up the good work mate.

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