Real Golf Swing Review: Club Face

Craig sent in his swing for this episode of Real Golf Swing Review because he was struggling with too many left balls and not enough straight shots. He had a classic case of what we call the “snow ball” effect, and it started with an early club face issue.

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  1. You guys are telling this guy to strengthen his right hand for a guy that already has a 3 knuckle left hand and hits hooks? Don’t get that. He needs to weaken his left hand for sure not. If he strengthened his right hand his club will be more closed.
    Also the Club face being turned down in mid way back isn’t all bad. Look at Rahm.

  2. Thank you AMG! I am going to really pay close attention to what this video says and post updated swings on my YouTube channel. I will add this video to my channel "Golf Daddy Heath", please subscribe.

  3. John Rahm is a lot like DJ, they both have a long left thumb which usually means a weak grip which they off set with a ton of lead wrist flexion.
    At P2, the face matches his body angle which is a good thing but he does it by flipping his wrist not rotating his chest, notice his left arm and moved away from his chest. Then he lifts the Club with little rotation this appears to be causing the miss match

  4. Notice at D/L P6 his right elbow is outside his shirt seam that’s perpetuating his steep condition which means he has to throw the face to square it, if he got that elbow in front of the shirt seam is would promote more rotation and he could control the face, start line and low point better