Recording Swing, Selfie Clip Cell Phone Mount Holder Golf accessories for Golf Swing by SelfieGolf TM

SelfieGolf – Golf accessories – The Ultimate Cell Phone Clip System, This simple yet versatile training system allows the user to capture hands-free video with complete stability from any position or any surface. Unlike other smart phone holsters, SelfieGolf utilizes latest SG technology to firmly hold your smart phone without shaking for maximum stability. Simply clip onto any alignment stick and attach it to your favorite golf bag. Its light weight and ergonomic design lets golfers of all skill levels to improve your game, one swing at a time. Now, start using SelfieGolf to become the best golfer you’ve always wanted to be.

Product Features

  • Recording Swing System, Easy set up to use in seconds, Works on all ground surfaces
  • Adapts to all smart phone sizes with our innovative clip-on design, Best golf equipment to improve your golf swing!
  • Attaches to all types of golf bags (Standing and Tour Bags) and fits all standard aim sticks
  • Ability to film and capture every swing with total stability (no shaking)
  • Includes Luxury Dust Bag for easy storage, (Aim Stick, Phone, Golf club, and golf bag are not included)

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  1. This product is easy to store in or clipped to your bag This product is easy to store in or clipped to your bag. I am very impressed with the way this product was put together! You have easy options to use it and place it. I played golf professionally and teach, it is a product that anyone can use at any level and see fast improvement in there golf game. It stays very stable in the clamp where your phone rest to take a video! Best part about it is you don’t need anyone with you while practicing to get instant feedback! I would recommend this…