Refurbishing a set of Irons at Andrew Ainsworth Golf Academy.

How I refurbish a set of Irons.

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  1. Irons look great after polishing but you should have showed us how you did the polishing itself. Without that it's just a few before and after pics. Would have loved to see how you actually did it.

  2. How much did you charge per club for the polish?

    How much did you charge per club for the regrip?

  3. Follow all the safety instructions and remember not to poke yer eyes out…Great Video! I just subscribed.

  4. Action would have been nice – next time tell the guy to clean his clubs first – dreadful treatment of his clubs.

  5. Good video. Would like to see the polishing in action but nevertheless I'm going to subscribe cause I want to help the channel grow.