Releasing the Golf Club Tip: How to Properly Release Your Golf Swing

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Grant Halverson, Master Instructor at the Aviara Golf Academy, explains how properly release the golf club in your swing. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback.

Dialog from the Video

Hi my name is Grant Halverson and I’m a Master Instructor at the Aviara Golf Academy. Today I’d like to talk to you a little about the release of the golf club; it’s a very misunderstood part of the game. Most people feel like the release of the golf club is actual motion of your hands moving this way going through the golf ball and that’s a very common mistake in a higher handicapper. As they swing the golf club, their body stops and their hands go and the club actually releases behind the ball losing all the speed. When it does that it comes in more steeply than the golf ball, robbing them of distance and accuracy.

The proper release of the golf club stems from good body rotation with tension free arms. So if we can work on making our good turn going back and then from making that good turn, getting our body moving forward and around while the club is staying behind our body and then allowing our arms to extend fully to the target. The hands do not let the club hit past them before the ball is struck. So we want to feel the hands get past the ball before the club head strikes it and the extension comes out to the target this way. So if you feel like you have a very long right arm past the ball reaching to the target, you’re going to have a great vision of extension and a great release of the golf club.

If you work on this on the driving range, you’re going to add accuracy and a great deal of distance.


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  1. Hey Grant, you say in the video that you are a PGA Master Instructor…however when I look on PGALinks for your name, there's no one named Grant Halverson listed on any of the PGA Master Professional lists?

    Which PGA section are you in?

  2. Grant Halverson is a Master Instructor at Kip Puterbaugh’s Aviara Golf Academy in Carlsbad, California where he has been on staff since 1999.

  3. Sir, the other part of the equation is a full shoulder turn, in addition to the instruction here…Btw, I am 59 and still bomb it long…:)

  4. So in other words, think "hitting a fade"……keeping the hands ahead, and hit one OB right….I hate this game. But let's all keep paying 100-200 an hour to guys like "Grant"…who swear they've got the answers. And after a package of 4 lessons and a 1000 bucks, you'll be thrilled, too.

  5. Good Stuff…a proper RELEASE needs body rotation w/ tension free arms. From TOP, body moves fwd & around. FEEL clubhead stay behind body. FEEL hands pass ball b4 clubhead. ALLOW arms 2 extend fully 2 target

  6. Releasing the club is a fallacy..The club should never be rolled with the hands or wrist after impact.. The club should be held square from impact to finish

  7. Good video, people always hit with the hands, really flipping at the ball…holding back and not letting the club get past the hand is the difference between having a golf swing and not. Figure this out and everything you heard about golf suddenly all makes sense…you need a golf swing first!

  8. Dangerous video; REMOVE IT.This was sent to me by one of my students, and it has set my student back just when I was making some progress. Anyone who has taught high handicappers knows that their problem is not to quick of  face rotation though the ball : IT'S NO ROTATION THROUGH THE BALL -while they fall back to PICK UP the ball. Go to any driving range and that is the dominant move: HANGING BACK WITH THE FACE "SQUARE" ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE SWING.  Telling a high (or mid even) handicapper to "hold" the release and rotate the body through the ball reinforces their problem. BAD. you've given my student licence to leave the face open.  Now  for the 1% of golgers  who know how to hit the ball, this is just  a reinforcement of  LAG. No new ground here.

  9. I have been struggling with this game all my life. This is a wonderful video and it really clears up a lot of conflicting
    advice for me. I know I can't release the club manipulating the club. This has really helped me.