Rickie Fowler’s New Powerful Golf Swing Changes w/ Butch Harmon

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Congratulations to Rickie Fowler for winning the 2015 Players Championship and claiming his second PGA Tour victory.

In this video, I’ll show you how one big change early on in Rickie’s swing allows him to get into a more powerful position at the top and also a much better position to release the club.

If you want more speed and more efficiency, then check out this awesome swing change now!

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  1. I remember a year or two ago reading a comment on the takeaway by Rickie Fowler .  He said he liked to feel his hands almost brushing his right thigh on the takeaway.  It looks like he's changed this under his new coach.

  2. Hey chris tyler, don't you think a monthly fee to view your instruction is a little greedy? I mean a flat rate makes sense, even if it's modest but a monthly fee just makes it seem like you're not doing so well financially to expect people who are interested to pay for that.