Right Arm Bend in the Golf Swing: Pros vs Ams

The bending action of the right arm in the golf swing is an extremely important element to a good swing. Often times, we can’t do what we want with the club because we’ve positioned the right arm in such a way that doesn’t leave us any choice but to move the club poorly.

The is one element that we can learn much from studying the pros in the game. Ams can often move their right arms better by just understanding what they do AND when they do it.

This right arm video is a companion video to our “Left Arm Bend in the Golf Swing: Pros vs Ams” video you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF4qSlVgvKs

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  1. Shaun,
    Looks like at the top, the am has his right shoulder internally rotated while the pro has his externally rotated. Is this also a factor? Will external rotation also promote a less bent right arm?


  2. Would you recommend that the AM player keep his right arm closer to the body throughout the swing, folding it to the 'WAITER AT A RESTAURANT' position at the top?

  3. You probably have already done one but a pro vs ams on shallowing the club in transition might be cool to see.

  4. Great vid. There's a lot to think about from this one! Interesting how some of the differences in right arm bend in the backswing were actually caused by different upper-body rotation – or lack of it in the am's case – which has quite an effect on width and relationship between the arms and shoulders and thus how much the right arm has to bend. And in the downswing and impact I'm thinking I wasn't too far off in my comment on the left-arm vid.
    I have to say I am loving this series of vids – the pro-am comparison with these graphics really highlight the difference between "optimal" and "less-than-optimal" swing movements so much better than a normal lesson video.