Right Elbow In The Golf Swing – By Gravity Golf Instructor Andrew Waple


People have been taught for ages that their right elbow should stay pinned to their side to try and eliminate coming “over the top,” (which is a large misconception) but in doing so, it is not only easy to lose the connection in the right shoulder because of “slack,” it also diminishes your arc size that allows for your maximum power (longer acceleration).

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  1. Excellent video guys.  Thanks for having Andy share.  The more I watch and study you guys, the more I can see the same fundamentals repeated in a true gravity golf swing.  Also, it shows that no matter how long you have been studying this from a Gravity perspective, that there is always room for improvement and refining.  Thanks for keeping these videos coming!

  2.  This demo by 3 unique Gravity Swings paints a much clearer picture for me of how the right arm and shoulder work in the gravity golf swing. Great job Andy, David & Danny!

  3. Danny and David- quick question if you have the time. . . Been working on 3 mode heel to heel drill and actually incorporated a front route, right handed heel to heel and can really feel the sling on those and see great results- problem is with the left handed drills- it never quite feels like I can get back far enough, and actually have to lose sight of the ball a bit on the back swing to feel like I am getting back far enough for the counterfall. . . 2 questions – 1) What would you recommend to feel the left arm (shoulder) drills getting back far enough and 2)  Would you recommend up routes for left hand heel to heel drills as well as left handed normal route for heel to heel? – Oh- and 1 problem I feel is getting full slack out of the right arm & shoulder when both hands are on the club- it is not a problem with right handers to feel- but with 2 hands- the right shoulder still feels crammed a bit – Thanks again- Aaron

  4. David, if I may ask… what is your age, and how far can you currently fly your driver?
    I'll be 68 in April and even though I stretch every day, I have lost a lot of distance in the last couple of years. Your high right elbow looks like an excellent technique for increasing arc radius to compensate for loss of age related strength and flexibility. It certainly worked for the late Miller Barber. Thank You   

  5. Just watched Andrew and realised with the right arm in that position that the right wrist will not be cocked.
    Is it then cocked on the way down?

  6. I don't think I've ever seen hands so high in a back swing. And the arms are so far away from the body on the way to the top. Kind of unusual.

  7. Not saying gravity golf is wrong; but, Ouch!! I notice that at the end of a gravity golf swing the right elbow finally point to the ground and still has a good relationship to the right hip as it should be; but what a long path it takes. Now when playing golf I can easily spot a Gravity golf player. Daniel, I see because your dad is about my age his swing has become a little more compact. Enjoy watching your videos.

  8. This is great. I've been playing off 8 at my home club for a few years and my swing thought has always been 'hit with the shoulders!' It worked most of the time, but your video has impressed the importance of relaxing (something I find hard to do)and just let the arms, hands and club react from the core turn. I tried your ideas (as best as I can interpret and it would seem without too much adjustment to the old, reliable swing) out on the course today. After a couple of irons coming too near the hosel (bit of a worry) I started hitting pretty good shots! What impressed me was I could stand over the ball and confidently swing hard without losing any balance or control. Drives were longer, and more accurate… same with the irons.

    Information some of your viewers might miss was your comment about how these fundamentals apply to all shots, including the putt. My putting runs hot and cold, but with this new swing thought, the putts are running true! I look forward to testing all this out in the heat of competition. Thanks again!

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