Right Knee Bend In The Golf Swing: Pros vs Ams

The knees play an especially important part of the golf swing because they help to transfer the forces we generate through our connection with the ground. When we look closer at the right knee bend in the golf swing, we’re able to get a better sense of how the pros generate power compared to most ams.

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  1. Mike great video. Around 10 minutes in you say "scissoring" effect from the pros. Can you explain that?

  2. Great video Mike. As well as gaining flex early in the downswing does the Pro's right knee kick inwards or move in a lateral direction towards the target?

  3. Great video Mike! Was the main work you did with the AM getting that right knee flexing sooner? If so, did doing that help him keep his club head higher at waist high?


  4. I wish you would stick to data and science in your vids, rather than throwing out nonsense made-up cool-sounding words such as "peak your forces" hoping to explain the very difficult science of the golf swing. It's frustrating that golf is so difficult, and we all want to make our theories about how the swing works, but we are also at this point tired of nonsense guessing about why good swings work.

    Instead, keep this channel about slowly adding facts to the bank of knowledge about the golf swing, not about slick-sounding phrases that are supposed to make sense of the swing but actually mean nothing. We have been hearing this kind of slick talk for over 100 years, and it does no good. STICK TO THE PRESENTATION OF DATA!