Right Knee Movement In The Golf Swing

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This question comes from Brian Devitt and he wants more clarification on the right knee movements in the golf swing.

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  1. That is as good as it gets. Artificially trying to Externally rotate your left Femur backs your pelvis up. If you look at Hogan, Rory, Nicklaus, Claude Harmon etc. they had enough internal rotation in the left leg, that effects the heel to displace slightly ahead of where it started. This allows the pelvis the stack up on top of the femur ahead, before it swings to the rear. Now the right leg can be employed to help power the strike. IMO

  2. For me, the timing of this video gentlemen is perfect. I keep seeing this dual ER Snead squat teachings. Does not seem natural when it's manufactured.

  3. The right knee moving external is taught as an exaggerated feel for guys that have too much lateral movement with the lower body. Helps keep things more centered. Not for everyone but nothing in golf is.

  4. " I chased my right knee AT the ball" – Ben Hogan …… from the book "Afternoons with Mr Hogan" by Jody Vasquez. Remember AT THE BALL also means DOWN to the ball and this is the safest way to get the necessary spine tilt away from the target, no crunching vertebrae above the pelvis.

  5. Great video. I love the comment about players rehearsing a move then not doing it in the real swing. Science > opinion 🙂

  6. What about from down the line view, how much does the right knee pop out? Too much and it causes early extension – so trying to understand if it moves out at all? Or just straight inwards towards the left?