Right Shoulder Movement In The Golf Swing: Pros vs Ams

We’ve looked at the how the left shoulder moves in elite golf swings, now we’ll look at the right shoulder movements. The shoulders need to work well together but many golfers just think “the shoulders” move as a unit… that’s not the case at all. Each shoulder has a large range of motion so it’s not a given they will move together in the best interest of our golf swing. Hopefully, this video will help shed some light on a few of the key differences we see between how pros typically move their shoulders compared to how many ams move them.

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  1. Excellent video again Mike!
    What would be the best drill for shoulder plane movement in sync with the downward hand path?

  2. What’s going on to make that right shoulder move back/down like it is during the early downswing for the pros? Early shift to the left before the rotation?