Rocco Mediate and Jimmy Ballard on Ben Hogan’s Golf Swing and a Connection

In this golf swing video Jimmy Ballard discusses his golf training / teaching method called, “Connection.” Tying everything together in an athletic position for a proper golf swing.

Jimmy Ballard’s “Connection” DVD along with the Vharness golf swing trainer will teach you proper form through your golf swing.

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  1. Power Line Golf !!!
    Half left arm is close, because the golf swing is a push, not a pull. You have to hit a ball using your hands, your fingers and hands tell your large muscles what to do, not vice versa. Subscribe to Power Line Golf and I'll prove it to you.

  2. In all of Jimmy's presentations he seems to really set up with his right foot way off the line, closed stance. Is this part of the program? Rocco sets up square, Curtis was a bit open, Hal square set up. Or is Jimmy just overly presenting?

  3. Man, I'm tired of searching in golf. Some people have it, and some people don't. There is so much bullshit teaching out there.

  4. Theres a lot of great golf wisdom in this But in my journey to better golf it will lead to swaying unless you combine it with a method that stresses pressure into the ground not lateral weight shift! such as Pete Cowen .You have got to realise the difference between weight shift and weight pressure into the ground.Ballard seems to have spent a lifetime and not grasped it!

  5. Hogan did tie his arms close to the body. However Nicklaus always concentrated on having as wide an arc as possible. Nicklaus did not keep his arms tied to his body. More then one way to do it.

  6. All yak and no action. Why not demonstrate your thoughts and hit a few balls? On the downswing you don’t have th ‘y’ connection because you have to have a lag with the cocked wrists ready to smack the hell out the ball so what difference does it make on the up swing. A load of bollocks in my opinion. If you look at the tour players, they all have different swing actions and positions and it works for them because we are all built different and can’t all be robots.

  7. Like any good pro he wants to create an exaggerated feeling so you will improve. Yes, when all parts of the swing are in sync you will hit the ball more consistently. However, Hogan never kept that kind of exaggerated and confining connection in his golf swing. Just look at this videos. Yes, he kept his elbows close together and closer to the body than most but his arms did separate from his body. Otherwise he would've never had any power. To me Ballard's advice is really about keeping all the moving parts in your golf swing in concert with one another. Take it any further than that and it just confines and stifles your swing.

  8. I took lessons with Bill Abrahams as he teaches Ballards method…completely changed my stroke and game….i feel i can really play now…i owe him a debt of gratitude!