Rotary Swing Tour – Perfect Golf Swing Overview

Get a full overview of the Rotary Golf Swing methodology that more tour pros use than any other golf swing fundamentals. This is the system you can use to build the perfect golf swing and hit the ball more powerfully with less effort than you ever thought possible!

RST Founder Chuck Quinton covers the big picture view of the Rotary Swing in this golf instruction video.

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RotarySwing Tour is the most powerful, safest and most efficient way to swing the golf club and is based completely on science. You won’t find a bunch of random conflicting golf tips here. It’s all about physics, biomechanics and anatomy.

RST is a structured approach to the golf swing that walks you through mastering a tour pro quality golf swing step by step. You can learn all these movements at

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  1. You absolutley describe exactly what people need to do for a "fluid" swing. Tiger even stated that you cant get too hippy or shouldery