Rotate your body like a pro through impact for correct golf swing release

One of the biggest issues for golfers is not rotating their body through impact. This results in you having to use your arms and hands too much through the strike, making it more difficult to control the club face and hit great golf shots. Here is a really easy drill for you to try at the range to get your body rotation improved and get you releasing the golf club more correctly.

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  1. Thank you Natalie for the excellent golf video demonstrating release and follow through! This is exactly what I've been working on. I am struggling to find the proper release point (unhinging in the downswing). I am working on a square release versus a roll release. Is there a proper release point? Some instructors suggest once the club is parallel to the target line. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks again!

  2. Great lessson, something that I have to do, then I'll probable drop a club for distance changes. Thank's Natalie! From Michigan

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