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  1. Just had my first lesson yesterday and a lot of this relates to what we worked on. Cool!

  2. You have helped me so much. I was able to lower my handicap by 6 this year. Thanks

  3. My consistency is horrible. Every shot is different. But I've isolated my biggest problem with my swing I continue to have an out to in swing causing a slice with my irons I can see an impact on the ground with my divot as its angled outside to inside can you help.

  4. I want to buy the subscription on your website but 99 dollars seems like a lot especially when I have to pay to golf. Can you get the payments switched to monthly payments? PS your golf videos are the only ones I watch, easy to follow and understand, keep up the great work!

  5. I have watched your videos whenever you both play 9 holes and I noticed you have used a GPS on your smart watch sometimes. I have a smart watch and I was wondering which app you both use?

  6. how do you do distance control/ club selection from different lies i.e. fairway vs. rough

  7. hii team. i am a golfer with 5 hdc. i am struggle to hit my long iron. the fact, sometimes i cant strike the ball at the sweet spot. any advice?

  8. These graphics are fantastic to reinforce the advice you give.
    There was a comment on another golf video that said that teaching pros should have to play more to keep up to certain standard and of course your handicap.
    What's your thoughts on that especially as you said you both don't play enough.

  9. Hi Andy and Piers,  I have an issue with the club twisting at impact.  I also wear out the palm of my golf glove.  Is this a grip or swing path issue?

  10. im wondering if people have their own ways of training them selfs, i see the ways you show us but i have a few of my own that i have never seen others use, showing the faults in my swing as well as ways to improve for a more accurate shot, im not 100% sure if these will help me in the long run, but i would not mind finding out all the things that others are doing for themselfs and advice from you guys on what we are doing, is it helping? and am i right to think this is the cause?, maybe uploading videos of our own in a coaching style, and you guys can judge from there. good idea?

  11. perfect video for me, I feel like I strike with the toe more often than not. thanks guys!!!

  12. Hi, i am wondering why i am hitting the ball on the heel of my driver, also my balance, consistency, and finish is off, please give advice very frustrating. Thank you for your time!! Love your channel!!

  13. Very inconsistent around the green, I can thin it through the green or come up very short. Any tips on getting closer to the pin from around the fringe?

  14. On my downswing, I am having trouble activating my left knee to initiate the lower body on the downswing and keeping my head still and behind the ball. Do you have an exercise that will assist with this? Also please advise when you will continue the video series on hitting the sweet spot.

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