Saint-Omer Golf Club Part 5

Saint-Omer Golf Club Part 5 with Mark Crossfield, AskGolfGuru, Matt Lockey @coachlockey and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. Watch the guys playing around Saint-Omer golf course in France on their French YourGolfTravel golf holiday. The green at Saint-Omer are fast with lots of slope making for a fun day on the greens for all three golfers. Enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed playing this magnificent golf course. Golf is fun.

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  1. Jesus Rory you are hitting the ball so well mate but that open face cut drag you do with the putter is mental.

  2. Just waiting for sky sports to add that pro tracer feature over the hole next year! Mark should sue!

  3. Lockey, I am officially a fan, I'm impressed by how many bad shots you can hit in a hole and still get a par. well done

  4. Hey mark do you think we will ever get some live streams from the putting green. Would be cool to see you and coach.

  5. I love how Rory has great driving, iron play, and wedge play/chipping, and then sticks the hole course up with this putting!! XD It's amazing XD