Saint-Omer Golf Club Part 6

Saint-Omer Golf Club Part 6 with Mark Crossfield, AskGolfGuru, Matt Lockey @coachlockey and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. Watch the guys playing around Saint-Omer golf course in France on their French YourGolfTravel golf holiday. The green at Saint-Omer are fast with lots of slope making for a fun day on the greens for all three golfers. Enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed playing this magnificent golf course. Golf is fun.

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  1. It was so obvious Mark was sinking that putt on 18. That whole last part was like watching a Greek tragedy unfolding in front of my eyes…only in France obviously. Poor Rory. I bet Mark haunts his dreams ????

  2. Unlucky Rory … the dream crushing putting machine did for you… Course looks great… very entertaining series thanks guys

  3. Rory is the mate that is always getting the piss taken out of him. Jesus sort the hair out and while your at it get yourself some waterproofs.

  4. & Mark, today my Dad hit his hybrid for every shot between 170-210y so that he could say the word "rinky-dink" as many times as possible :-)

  5. I agree.. I'm sure it's harmless banter but can be seen as disguised bullying! the lad constantly gets shit!

  6. I'm waiting for Callaway to introduce the "Lockey Tour Model driver"…………….it will be awesome