Schwetty Golf Balls (2 Ct.) and Fore Play 16” x 16” Microfiber towel w/ Carabiner

When you’re playing with the hottest balls on the course, you need a Fore Play towel. Schwetty Balls glisten out of the box. To keep them that way off the tee and around the green, have a Fore Play towel on hand. Golfers everywhere can’t resist playing with Schwetty Balls. Their distinct colors are eye-catching, but they’re designed to perform. If you encounter a mess or unplanned trip into the deep rough, the Fore Play towel keeps your round smooth and pleasurable. Unwrap a set of Schwetty balls today and enjoy-the Fore Play towel has you covered for whatever comes next.

Product Features

  • There’s no beating Schwetty balls – internal design and dimple count ideal for pleasurable play
  • Fore Play towels keep balls and golfers cool, clean and dry and are great for clubs too
  • Give that special golfer the gift of blue balls for their next round and keep them covered with a Fore Play towel
  • Take your hands free Fore Play towel anywhere–16″ x 16″ plush microfiber with aluminum carabiner
  • Wipe away any mess-on the course, in the clubhouse or in the parking lot

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