SELF DISCOVER YOUR GOLF SWING with PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about helping a golfer with hooking and blocking their golf shots with some simple tips and drills for all golfers. Play some great golf hit straighter drivers and iron shots with Mark’s golf instructional Daily Vlogs.

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  1. 2nd comment equally as awkward. Watch Golf most weeks as you learn from how the guys play different shots….bit of course management. Unless it John daly 🙈

  2. Can't afford sky so I just check leaderboards online. Especially when Miss Walker is playing. She's amazing, such a solid game I want to go watch her in the new season next year. She deserves our support.

  3. My TV golf watching starts from The Masters maybe little earlier and usually ends after the Ryder Cup or maybe the PGA Championship. Not watching too much golf during winter.

  4. I like to watch golf on TV. I watch mostly the men but I'll watch the big women's events as well. If I don't watch sometimes I'll follow on the ESPN app every once in a while. Lovin the channel bruh thanks for what you do!

  5. I will not pay  to watch and then have to put up with all the commercials.  That is just wrong!  I guess that is why I do not have cable or dish.  🙂   If I find a way to watch live online and free, I will certainly watch.  Otherwise, I will wait for somebody to download it on the internet and watch it later.

  6. Used to love the golf on tv, and watched every event. Now hardly ever due to yours and multiple other YouTube channels being more entertaining. Massively regret my Sky subscription and won’t be renewing when contract is up.

  7. I watch all the majors and big European /PGA tour events on TV and every week keep an eye on the ‘lesser’ events. I like watching to follow the ‘people’ stories – seeing the ‘young’uns’ emerging or the journeymen Pros getting first wins.

  8. To watch you guys is actually far more entertaining and definitely more interesting for me. I think we need more ‘characters’ in golf maybe? Mmmm. Cigar and a scotch on the tee anyone?

  9. So being a Tennis coach I always admire the Crazy English folks playing Tennis outdoors in November, cold Windy and generally  bananas!!  I have been told by my coach not to dip and stretch through my irons, so what nu ???

  10. I only watch when I stumbled across it on TV, and I'm feeling like having a nap. I think it's the calm soothing voice of the announcers. ..puts me right out

  11. I watch the majors and bigger men's events but the commentators get on my wick. I much prefer the more laid back presentation of the LPGA. The coverage is not as good but there seems to me to be much less bull shit and the players actually look as if they enjoy it. I also want to add that I tend to be a serious, obsessed with perfection eight handicap watching your vlogs has made me much more tolerant of bad shots/scores and I try to have fun and banter much more, even on comps