SERIOUS MEDAL GOLF MARK AGAINST DAN, Mark Crossfield and Dan take on golf with this serious golf match. Playing medal and with no ribbing just golf and their score. Watch as the guys show you how they would play golf with a card in their hands and if they can keep it together during a serious game of golf. Loads of good lessons in here for golfers wanting to learn how to play their best golf while keeping score.

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  1. Very interesting insight into the mind set of competitive play! Love it! Mark, (given the friendship you have with Dan) was it hard not to let the banter creep in?

  2. There’s a lovely air of calm with you two … I’d love to play a couple of holes with you guys … another helpful vid 😊

  3. Love these videos, these are my favourite to watch of all the content you produce. As a someone who is relatively new to golf, medal golf in particular, they give such a good insight in to how to piece together a round. Play to your strengths, the mindset etc… Enjoying them even more with the additional of a playing partner. Thanks Mark (and Dan!)

  4. Started to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, then I remembered, a much more interesting program to watch, thank you, can you sing?

  5. Awesome series, thinking you guys played good in your mess arounds, it shows so much difference when you switch that focus switch! Looking forward to seeing more 💪🏽

  6. I will never get bored of watching skilled golfers plot their way around a course. Great stuff.

  7. I seen off to the left during Dan's tee shot that omannon had to chip it over the stuff over there…

  8. Love the old timer playing his shot out of the spinach at 0:15, that's my kind of golf granddad bruh!

  9. Great stuff Mark and Dan. Love hearing what’s going on inside your heads. Good learning…

  10. again, this is awesome. Im excited for Part 3, but at the same time ill be disappointed its over…..
    would love to see this with Coach as well

  11. Great insights. Be interesting to see you do one of these vlogs with Rory to see what he is thinking…suspect he is like me and keeps his mind burden free (i.e. blank) 🙂

  12. This really should show the negative people that have a go about handicap, #7 is he a pro that the course vlogs are for entertainment and showing us great courses. I love it when I hear "chipping out…… I'm not filming that" love the channel bruh

  13. Great Vid again Mark!, Playing in a doubles knockout comp next week@ Hollingbury Park Golf Course. Been applying many of your logical choices on approach shots playing off 12.1 and hoping to get to 10 by the winter. Keep it up!. Very imformative for all handicaps…

  14. These are cool to watch even though I also like the comedic value of the other vlogs. I know what dan is saying about losing track of your playing partners scores. The same often happens to me.

  15. Excellant stuff was impressed by how each shot had a plan .Dan`s comment about playing to avoid double bogey made so much sense, I need to learn how to do that.

  16. Great series Mark. Very interesting to hear yours and Dans analysis by hole and in general wrt to the round so far.