SERIOUS MEDAL GOLF MARK AGAINST DAN, Mark Crossfield and Dan take on golf with this serious golf match. Playing medal and with no ribbing just golf and their score. Watch as the guys show you how they would play golf with a card in their hands and if they can keep it together during a serious game of golf. Loads of good lessons in here for golfers wanting to learn how to play their best golf while keeping score.

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  1. Very good series Mark & Dan! Technique, emotions, .. Everything's in there. Thanks!

  2. Mark, surely the first goal is to beat your own group partners! Then the rest of the field.

  3. Mark, I LOVED this series. You and Dan's dynamic is quite fun to watch. I never competed before, so this style of play is fun for me.

  4. Mark, were you using a different camera from usual? It seemed to have more difficulty focusing…

  5. I realize he knows what he's doing, but I keep thinking Mark's feet are open and pointed left and the putter face is open or pointed right…the push brah!

  6. Mark I would love to see you play a round like this with/against Rick one day.

  7. Mark, can you clarify something- if you are playing in a match or comp, are you allowed to keep the white dots on the club? My understanding is that it is not allowed….

  8. Well done, awesome video. Think Dan made a bogey on the 1st hole in part 3 and you called it a scramble par. Really enjoy seeing you play medal for a change. Would love to see Mark, Coach, Buz and Twitch play medal.

  9. Mark you are so ruthless 😂😂😂
    “I think it’s cause you used to playing like that” It’s ok Dan you awesome!!!